To help today’s talents become tomorrow’s champions

Since its creation 8 years ago by Patrick Mouratoglou, world-renowned tennis coach and owner of the Mouratoglou Academy, the foundation helped many young talents to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams. Alumni of the foundation include 2021 Roland Garros runner-up Stefanos Tsitsipas, 18-year-old American prodigy Coco Gauff and Denmark’s hope Holger Rune who entered the top 50 at the beginning of 2022.

Today, it continues to encourage the next generation of players: highly promising sisters Linda and Brenda Fruhvirtova, who are both considered as top players in their age categories (2005 and 2007); sensational Ksenia Efremova, who is already achieving outstanding results with just 13 years of age; Svit Suljic, who claimed the prestigious Orange Bowl junior title in 2021; Thijs Boogaard, who became the champion at 2022 Les Petits As, the most important under 14 tournament in the world; Clervie Ngounoue, who won the girls’ doubles titles at the 2022 Australian Open; Michaela Laki, who won a Billie Jean King Cup match for Greece at age 17; Robin Montgomery, who won the girls’ singles title at the 2021 US Open; Elsa Jacquemot, who won the girls’ single title at Roland Garros 2020 and is now working her way to the professional tour could be deleted.

At all levels, Champ’seed players have shown their qualities in the world of tennis with tremendous results in the most prestigious tournaments. The foundation helps to make a difference in the future and delete thanks to the support of our generous contributors and the participation of public figures from around the world.

The future is now.


Patrick Mouratoglou

Founder & President of the Champ'seed Foundation
(under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg)

President of the Mouratoglou Academy

Simona Halep's coach and former long time coach of Serena Williams

TV & Press consultant

Pierre Benichou

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs (New York)

Competitor & Tennis Passionate

Tonika Hirdman

Director General at Fondation de Luxembourg

Anne Kremer

Former professional tennis player (1999-2014)
Former WTA n°18

COO CK Sport & Fitness (Luxembourg)


The committee is formed of 6 experienced members whose mission it is to select candidates eligible for the support provided by the foundation.

Patrick Mouratoglou

Simona Halep's coach and former long-time coach of Serena Williams

President of the Mouratoglou Academy

Sandra Zaniewska

High Level Director at Mouratoglou Academy

Tennis coach and former professional player


Fitness Department Director at Mouratoglou Academy

Fitness coach of Stefanos Tsitsipas

Jérémy Chardy

Professional Tennis Player

Stéphanie Testard

Former Professional Tennis Player

Tennis & School Manager at Mouratoglou Academy

Laurent Rizzo

Former Professionnal Tennis Player

Former Agent for Octagon Agency

Current Wealth Management Advisor


Sandra Zaniewska

Born on January 3rd 1992, Sandra is a Polish tennis coach and former professional player.
At her highest level, she reached the 142nd spot in the WTA rankings, before ending her playing career prematurely after multiple injuries.

Sandra then started a new career as a high-level coaching expert. She led Petra Martic to her highest ranking in 2020 (WTA #14),
and more recently she coached Alizé Cornet.
Sandra enjoys developing relationships and working on the courts with the players’ individual coaches.

In her role, Sandra is responsible for identifying candidates eligible for support from the Champ’seed Foundation
and passing the applications on to the Selection Committee for review and validation.


Aymeric Ferrier

President of Junior Funding Program

Daily Player Services at Mouratoglou Academy

Maryline Mertz

Treasurer of Junior Funding Program

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs (London)

Competitor & Tennis Passionate

Pierre Manessian

Secretary of Junior Funding Program

Associate Director at Osmium Consulting

Tennis aficionado


Champ’seed Foundation’s Management Committee, also referred to as the “Board”, will be assisted by a panel of experts called the “Selection Committee”. Members of this Selection Committee are appointed by the Board. The Selection Committee will be comprised of six members, at least one of which will be from the Management Committee.
The members of the Selection Committee are:
  1. Patrick Mouratoglou
  2. Sandra Zaniewska
  3. Frédéric Lefebvre
  4. Jérémy Chardy
  5. Stéphanie Testard
  6. Laurent Rizzo
The Selection Committee will meet on a regular basis. Its role is to put forward beneficiaries in accordance with the objectives of the Champ’seed Foundation. The grant proposals will come with a description of the selected beneficiaries and the rationale for the attribution of a grant, its amount and what it is expected to fund.
The proposed grants will be submitted to the Management Committee by a member of the panel of experts by any means of communication including by email. If one of the Board members disagrees on a grant proposed, he or she will be able to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Management Committee where the final decision to allocate the grant will be taken.
A non-profit organization under the law of 1901 was set-up in France under the name Junior Funding Program to manage the administration of the grants. Once the decision is made on who to allocate the grants to, the Fondation de Luxembourg will proceed to the payment of such grants to the non-profit organization which will subsequently distribute the grants to the beneficiaries’ service providers.
The following criteria regarding the selection of the candidates have been ratified by the Management Committee:
  1. Player’s potential: This criterion is critical, aside from the other criteria
  2. Age: Between 10 and 22 years old
  3. Ranking: Be among the 5 to 10 best players in their country for their age category. This criterion will be assessed by taking into consideration the level and the size of the country.
  4. Financial needs and means: The training and travel expenses will be assessed according to the candidate’s family’s financial situation
The panel of experts is able to override certain criteria if a player’s potential is observed, even if the candidate does not fulfill all the listed criteria.