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Thanks to our partnership agreement with “Transnational Giving Europe” (TGE), donors based in Spain receive a tax receipt for their donations to Champ’seed Foundation.

Our partner organisation in Spain is “Fundación Empresa y Sociedad”.

Please contact us after you have made the donation so that we can trace the payment.

In order to make a donation and receive a certificate of donation, please send an email to with the following information :

  • Name of suggested grantee: Champ’seed Foundation (under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg)
  • Amount of the grant and currency of the grant
  • Your name or company name
  • Your residential address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your Tax ID (NIF, passport number or CIF)
  • Important: please attach a copy of your ID card or the CIF donor (if Spanish) or the NIE (otherwise). This is a key document to process the information to the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).

Sometimes it may be necessary to send additional documents, according to the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering in Spain. After successful screening of the donor, you can proceed with your donation. Only donations by bank transfer are accepted. The minimum amount accepted per donation is EUR 1 000.

For more information about European cross-border donations, kindly have a look here.

Donate by bank transfer

Contact details at Fundación Empresa y Sociedad

Mr. Francisco Abad
Fundación Empresa y Sociedad

Tel.: +34 650 108 075
E-Mail: /

Please contact us after you have made the donation so that we can trace the payment.


Gifts of money for which you are not looking to get a tax receipt, or which do not qualify as a tax deductible donation, should be paid to the Junior Funding Program to serve the action of Champ’seed Foundation. Only gifts by bank transfer are accepted.

Non-qualifying Donations

Not all gifts qualify as tax deductible donations. Specified conditions must be met for gifts to be “a qualifying donation”; the essence of these rules is that gifts with associated benefits for the donor cannot provide tax relief.

Examples where gifts of money to Champ’seed Foundation do not qualify as tax deductible donations include the following situations:

– Typically our auction items do not qualify as a donation for tax credit purposes. Successful bidders will not receive tax relief for gifts of money.

– Costs of attendance to participate to our charitable events (e.g. our annual gala) do not qualify as a donation either. Event participants will therefore not receive tax relief for the payment of their costs of attendance.

– We are also unable to send certificates of donation for gifts below the minimum amount of GBP 250 in the UK or CHF 500 in Switzerland or EUR 1 000 in Spain, or in countries outside of Luxembourg, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, the United States or Spain.

Junior Funding Program : the operating entity of Champ’seed Foundation

Junior Funding Program is a so-called “Association Loi 1901”, a non-profit organization created in France upon request of Fondation de Luxembourg with the goal to proceed with all relevant operations related to the activity of Champ’seed Foundation.

Donations paid for the benefit of Champ’seed Foundation are regularly paid out by Fondation de Luxembourg to Junior Funding Program (minus administrative fees of 5%).

Payment to Junior Funding Program by bank transfer


Have your donation amount to Champ’seed Foundation matched by your employer.
There are several corporations around the globe, offering matching programmes incentivising your charitable giving.

Contact your employer to find out more, or point them in the right direction to start alike programmes.

Thank you!