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2021: Champ’seed Foundation’s Sporting Successes

In 2021, grants were allocated to 12 players who, for lack of resources, could never have pursued their educational and sports project and revealed their full potential.

The Year 2021 in Review

Holger Rune

Holger Rune (Denmark) is rising fast and his results in 2021 were at their highest world level to date. He moved up 370 places in the ATP rankings to No. 103 by the end of 2021.

Winner of 5 professional tournaments this year, Holger can also be proud of his qualification for the first time in his career for the main draw of a Grand Slam at the US Open, where he took a set off world number 1 Novak Djokovic.

Robin Montgomery (USA)

Robin Montgomery (USA) was invited to join the Champ’seed Foundation after winning her Junior Grand Slam title at the US Open.

She ended 2021 ranking world number 8 in the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors.

She also moved up 41 places in the WTA rankings over the year, reaching No. 372

Linda Fruhvirtova (Czech Republic)

Linda is is the eldest of the Fruhvirtova super sisters and is on a meteoric rise: she moved up 468 places to 279th in WTA rankings at just 16 years old. In 2021, she won the first two professional tournaments of her career. In the Juniors, she was a semi-finalist at the Junior Grand Slam of Wimbledon and won four junior titles. She ended the year as the world’s No. 2 Junior.

Brenda Fruhvirtova (Czech Republic)

Brenda is the youngest of the Fruhvirtova super sisters and also continued to rise to the top in 2021. She won no less than 5 Junior tournaments including 1 ITF Junior JA tournament (the most prestigious category after Grand Slam tournaments). With a win-loss ratio of 83% in 2021, at just 14 years old, she is ranked No. 4 in the world junior rankings and No. 1 in the Tennis Europe U16 ranking.

Lennon Jones (Japan)

Lennon Jones (Japan) continued to impress and is now ranked No. 120 in the ITF Junior world rankings, having moved up a whopping 330 places. He won an ITF J3 tournament in Egypt and an ITF J5 tournament in Poland.

Michaela Laki (Greece)

Michaela Laki (Greece) moved up 129 places to 13th in the ITF World Junior Ranking at 2021 year-end. She won her first pro title at the $15K ITF tournament in Heraklion, on her home ground.

Clervie Ngounoue (USA)

Clervie Ngounoue (USA) was finalist at the age of 15 at an ITF Junior JA tournament in Cape Town, South Africa. Her consistency enabled her to finish the year ranked No. 12 in the ITF Junior World Rankings, having moved up 225 places.

Thijs Boogaard (Netherlands)

The highly promising Thijs Boogaard (Netherlands) joined the Champ’seed family in 2021. He won two U14 cat 2 tournaments in Maribor, Slovenia and was a finalist in the
U14 Cat 2 tournament in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ksenia Efremova (Russia)

Ksenia Efremova (Russia) confirmed that she is the new face of tomorrow’s tennis. With 31 wins and 4 losses, she won a U14 Cat 2 tournament in Pescara, Italy and won 2 U14 Cat 3 tournaments in Spain and Sweden. She ended the year ranking No. 890 in the Tennis Europe U14 rankings at only 12 years old.

Svit Suljic (Slovenia)

Svit Suljić (Slovenia) ended 2021 by winning the prestigious Junior Orange Bowl U12 title. At just 12 years of age, he is ranked 427th in the Tennis Europe U14 rankings.

Rafael Pagonis (Greece)

Invited to join the foundation on his 10th birthday in December 2021, Rafael Pagonis (Greece) has great potential and a personality that leads us to believe that he will be able to join, like his renowned elder Stefanos Tsitsipas, the world’s tennis top seeders.

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